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Mike Wake

Hudson Valley Micro-Wedding at Dover Stone Church in NY

It was a dreary, wet, & muddy afternoon but that didn’t stop any of us from trekking a half-mile into the woods for Lindsay and Dan’s micro-wedding🤘🏻

They were originally planning to do a full-sized wedding a year+ out, but I had booked that date already. A few weeks later they told me they wanted to get married ASAP! I was available for the new date and so stoked to photograph this day for them.

The Location

They decided to quickly plan a micro-wedding at the Dover Stone Church. Dover Stone Church is a rock cave with a brook/creek coming out of it that runs next to a wooded trail. The creek splits into two half-way down the trail from the cave, and the first half of the walk into the trail is along the right side. The trail features a wooden bridge over the right side of the creek to continue the trail up the merged water. They picked a small flat grassy area right next to the left side and right next to the creek splits.

The Ceremony

On December 2, 2023 Lindsay, Dan, and all their guests gathered up on the side of the Dover Stone Church trail right next to the Stone Church Brook. Someone was in charge of bringing the aisle runner, another in charge of the signage, a friend got certified by the Universal Life Church for the ceremony, and Lindsay had a beautiful dress from Amazon. Didn’t need much else for a successful wedding!

Dan was waiting at the ceremony spot they picked out while all of their guests arrived. Lindsay came, I met her at the parking lot with her Dad and maid of honor, and we walked to the bridge where I left her and her Dad to have a final word before they walked down the aisle.

It was a short and sweet ceremony followed by family photos, couple portraits, & dinner at a nearby restaurant. Check out the highlights from their micro-wedding!

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