Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer


Mike Wake

Hudson Valley Elopement on a Farm

Chris & Mika wanted to celebrate their elopement by this giant tree in a field in the Hudson Valley. They have been together for over 10 years. 10 YEARS!! They started dating all the way back in middle school!! How crazy is that?

They decided to elope and got married at the local courthouse, but they really wanted some nice outdoor photos all dressed up. So – they wrote their vows in a little vow book, Mika bought this beautiful dress online, and they scheduled a photoshoot for the day after they made it official.

We got to the front of the lone tree standing in the middle of this massive field, where they would finally read their vows to each other. Tears flowed from both of them, and they shared a huge kiss. Then we just had fun taking photos for a while.

Scroll on down to see some of my favorites from this Hudson Valley elopement!

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